Published July 31, 2017

Donuts and Neon

What we are working on


So far it’s been a busy year for our channel, we’ve shot five different videos just this year and we have more on the way. They usually take us about a month to complete, so we wanted to give you a quick update on what’s to come. This month we’ve shot with Léché Desserts in St-Henri, where the owner Josie demonstrated how they make fresh donuts. Josie was great to work with, fed us donuts and we think you’ll really enjoy seeing how fresh, handmade donuts are made.


Josie from Léché Desserts. Learn more at

ice cream sandwich

Justin eating an ice cream sandwich donut made during the shoot.

Earlier in the month we also shot with Neon Family where the owner Gérald shows us how to make neon lights. He’s been doing it for 40 years and he’s truly an expert of the craft. Gérald has lots of personality and it shines through the video. These videos should be coming out in a few weeks so check back soon.

neon family

Gérald of Neon Family. Learn more at

neon family

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