Published November 9, 2018

How Chocolate is Made

Où se trouve: Avanaa Chocolate

Chocolate arrives neatly packed in foil, but how is it made? We are lucky to spend time with Catherine Goulet, the owner and chocolatier at Avanaa Chocolat, who takes us on a trip to South America and transforms the collected cocoa beans to bars of chocolate. Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which grow in fibrous cocoa pods that need to be dried and fermented. Then, they are cleaned, sorted, roasted, crushed, and ground. The most interesting fact we learned is just how long it tastes to grind the cocoa – 3 whole days! The resulting product is a chocolate liqueur that can be tempered and cooled into a bar of chocolate.

Catherine let us try some of her craft chocolate, and it was definitely a unique experience. Just like craft beer and small batch coffee roasts, each bar has a distinct, strong flavour special to the bean. If you’re a dark chocolate lover, it’s worth trying some craft chocolate.

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