Published April 15, 2017

Making Marshmallows as Cheese with Chocolate Mice

Où se trouve: Juliette & Chocolat

Juliette is here to teach you how to make something truly special. White chocolate covered marshmallows that look like cheese, decorated in small but detailed, chocolate mice. It’s a sticky, fun recipe, and you can do it at home too by yourself or with your children.

Juliette was born in Brazil, grew up in Washington where she met Lionel, and they moved to Montreal, Quebec to start making chocolate. Juliette & Chocolat is a family-run & local Canadian business. All her products are handmade by Juliette herself and her pastry chefs. If you’re looking for a cool place to visit in Montreal, you’ll definitely want to visit one of her many cafes (or more appropriately: chocolate bars).


Glucose, 600 grams
Sugar, 800 grams
Water, 200 grams
Corn Starch
Sheet Gelatine, 65 grams | Amazon
White chocolate for the ‘cheese’
Chocolate for the ‘mice bodies’ | See Juliette’s Store:
Dark chocolate for the ‘eyes’
Crispearls for the ‘ears’


Pam cooking spray | Amazon
Knife for cutting the marshmallow
Bucket for soaking the gelatine
Baking Pan
Stove, a few pots
Parchment Paper
Cooking Thermometer | Amazon
Mixer | Amazon

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