Published September 16, 2017

Making Handmade Donuts

Où se trouve: Léché Desserts

Nestled in the trendy and growing St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal, you’ll find a brightly lit, sparkling handmade donut shop and bakery in the confines of an old industrial building that makes fresh sweets daily. The donuts (alternatively spelled doughnuts) made at Léché Desserts are anything but ordinary and you need to try them yourself to taste the difference.

We follow the owner of Léché Desserts, Josie Weitzenbauer and she demonstrates how she and her employees make these tasty baked goods – sometimes hundreds of times in just one day. In this video Josie demonstrates how they make berry cheesecake, lemon meringue, double chocolate brownie and ice cream donuts.

Josie is originally from Ottawa, who moved to Montreal at 17 to study at the renowned pastry program at ITHQ. After proving herself in local establishments she was quickly recognized as an outstanding pastry chef and went on to work in some of Europe’s finest Michelin star restaurants as a pastry chef. Today, she brings her talent and expanded knowledge back to Canada and opened Léché Desserts. It’s quickly becoming a top destination for locals and visitors to Montreal alike.

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