Published March 8, 2019

Making Maple Candy, Maple Butter & Maple Sugar

Où se trouve: Garland Sugar Shack

We are back at Garland Sugar Shack with James, Ivan, as well as Jocelyn joining us in this documentary about how maple candy, maple butter, and maple sugar are made from maple syrup. If you’d like the complete educational experience, start with the first documentary about how maple syrup is made.

Most of us know maple syrup as something North Americans put on their pancakes. Turns out, there are many other ways to use maple syrup and it’s actually good for you! You hear of “empty calories” and how refined white sugar has little to offer nutritionally, but maple syrup is high in certain minerals such as manganese and riboflavin. In fact, according to the Canadian Nutrient File from Health Canada and the USDA Nutrient Database, maple syrup has 95% of your recommended daily value of manganese and small amounts of calcium, potassium, and zinc. Besides calories, what does corn syrup offer you? Nothing! Maple syrup is even healthier than honey.

Maple syrup can be transformed into maple butter and maple candy by using machines to change its crystal structure. It can be transformed into maple sugar by further dehydration. In this video, you will see a continuous shot of this transformation which really looks like magic because it’s so fast and dramatic.

Maple candy is best when eaten fresh so that it is still soft on the inside. Maple butter can be used on your toast, banana bread, icing on cakes, and any other spreadable ideas you may have. Maple sugar can be used as a substitute for any other sugar and goes great in tea and coffee with its unique maple flavour. What other ways can you think of to use maple syrup, maple butter, and maple sugar? Leave a comment below.

Give Garland Sugar Shack a visit and taste for yourself! They are located between Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec in Canada – check their website for address and opening hours.

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