Published March 27, 2018

Music Videos & Streaming

Winter Updates

Last year, we concluded we wanted to move all our updates, news, and other posts to this main website where everyone can find them. So major updates will be all here.

Back in the Chocolate Factory & Music Video

What we didn’t expect is be so busy this year right out of the gate! We have been shooting and editing some client work, our clients being people we’ve shot with before I’m sure you’ll recognize.

justin and karolina from stereokroma tv juliette from juliette & chocolat

The above Juliette & Chocolat video is for an internal-use video so you guys won’t get to see it, however the music videos we shot at the Greenfield Guitars workshop with Tony McManus will be up on the Greenfield Guitars YouTube page in the future. It was a new experience as we don’t usually shoot with so many cameras and we have never recorded music. All these videos came out great and we are happy with the results. The first one is already up and can be watched on the Greenfield Guitars channel.

tony mcmanus music video shoot stereokroma tv
tony mcmanus playing a greenfield guitar

What We Plan for Our Series

So we chose to close our Patreon. The main reasons were: we were not able to maintain our presence on the platform and rather invest our energy into this site, Instagram, and elsewhere you guys visit, and because we were not able to grow on that platform. It might be weird, but it turned into a point of stress for us.

As part of reflecting on what we’ve done the past year, what has worked, what hasn’t, we decided we want to pursue larger projects. That could mean something akin to our guitar-making documentary in length and depth or shooting more shorter-form videos in different parts of Canada/US. If it’s the latter, we will probably stick to Canada first to figure out the logistics and because shooting across the boarder means government paperwork. The super vague plan we currently have is planning a road trip! Just like a band, we’ll pack a van with our gear, book companies to shoot, and drive. To achieve this, we are thinking of doing some crowdfunding for the project. We did a quick poll on YouTube Communities and 60% of votes said they’d donate if they could, and 13% said definitely yes. Karolina did some preliminary research and found some interesting possibilities, from making soap, cheese, chocolate, moccasins, and the few remaining steel foundries in Canada. What do you think of this? Do you know a cool artisan or company we could feature in Canada/US? Leave us a comment below. We save lists of all suggestions, even if we don’t act on them immediately.

Also, we will keep shooting smaller projects in our area, which is what our current budget can handle. We are definitely thinking of revisiting our friends at Garland Sugarshack and Pat from Le Pic Bois.

What else are we doing?

During the dark days of winter, we tried on some new ideas and came up with some new projects. As you may already know, we do other creative things when we are not shooting.

Justin started an animated web series that features a spaghettified clown and dark themes in a low-fi, pixel art style. You can check it out on this YouTube Channel.

Karolina is also a painter, and she started live-streaming from her art studio instead of working alone. If you’d like to hang out and watch, here is her Twitch Channel.

artkarolina twitch

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