Published September 12, 2018

Mysterious New Micro ASMR Video

Coming this Fall & Winter, 2 New Videos

The Good News: We will have 2 new videos out this fall & winter! We tried very hard all year to book shoots for our show, yet everyone turned us away because everyone is so busy. Of course, that could be a good thing if artisans and businesses are doing well enough they’re too busy to accommodate us for a day or two. We have a new Candylabs video about making mini Sushi because we know you love them.

It’s been a very long time since we released a Micro ASMR video, and we have a new mysterious video in the works. We could divulge what it’s about, but it’s more fun you try figure out what you’re looking at. What do you think this is? Here are some unprocessed stills from our shoot:

close up of blooming tea
close up of blooming tea

This week, we have a shoot booked with Avanaa Chocolat, a brand-new little business in Montreal. We will show the process of turning cocoa beans into a chocolate bar.

behind the scenes avanaa shoot

We also have a coffee tip jar set up if you’d like drop us some tips to help with the production costs. We are self-funded. Unlike Patreon, these are one time tips so no need for a monthly commitment.

Lastly, we’ve been working on the budget for a Cross-Canada shoot and it’s unfortunately not looking good. It’s easy to forget how huge Canada is! We have a huge Google Map of potential artisans and businesses to feature, and we’ve come to the realization just how much the bare minimum travel costs for such a distance would be because the time to get a handful of videos requires weeks of dedication to just filming. We’re looking at a project of thousands of dollars. Would you support that on Kickstarter?

stereokroma tv project planning

Otherwise, it’s probably wiser for the time being to plan a smaller project within 300-600km of Montreal, like businesses around Quebec City and Ontario since travelling across Canada really is like flying across the world.

We hope all students have a good back to school and hang in there for some new videos this fall & winter. You can check out the progress of the dark and weird Interface web series we also produce while you wait.

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