Published February 17, 2019

New Maple Syrup Video Coming Soon

Maple Butter, Maple Candy, & Maple Sugar

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since we released a video. We are in the midst of editing a brand new maple syrup video – the video is in picture lock. You say, “But you already made a maple syrup video?” There is a surprising variety of things to learn about maple syrup beyond just how maple syrup is made. In different forms, maple syrup can be used beyond being a topping for pancakes.  

Maple Butter Turning  

We also got to sample these products, and we have to say we’re kind of addicted. Maple syrup has such a distinct flavour and it’s much stronger in taste than sugar; it really adds another a dimension to whatever foods it’s added to. What are some other foods you can think of that you’d add maple sugar to?  

It is really like using any other sugar, except refined sugar has almost no additional nutritional value besides the energy in calories. Did you also know it’s also nutritious? You’ll find out in the new video. For you fitness types, you can check out the nutritional data here ahead of time – pay attention to the minerals section!

This process will be just as mesmerizing to watch! Make sure you are Subscribed and have notifications turned on for our YouTube channel.

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