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Winter Updates

Last year, we concluded we wanted to move all our updates, news, and other posts to this main website where everyone can find them. So major updates will be all here. Back in the Chocolate Factory & Music Video What we didn’t expect is be so busy this year right out of the gate! We... See More

Making an Akita Dog with Handmade Candy

Où se trouve: Candylabs

As promised, here is another candy video back to back. Lin and Mei are joined by their new helper and candy expert, Marion, creating a design we picked from YouTube comments. The most popular suggested design in YouTube comments was a dog 🐕, so we decided on an Akita dog, which is a Japanese large... See More

Making Candy of the Fairmont le Château Frontenac Hotel

Où se trouve: Candylabs

In this special episode of Où Se Trouve with Candylabs, we are making a detailed and intricate design. This episode’s candy will feature a tiny rendition of Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac, a historic, luxury hotel that is in the style of a French palace. According to Lin, this is one of the most difficult designs... See More

Making Handmade Donuts

Où se trouve: Léché Desserts

Nestled in the trendy and growing St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal, you’ll find a brightly lit, sparkling handmade donut shop and bakery in the confines of an old industrial building that makes fresh sweets daily. The donuts (alternatively spelled doughnuts) made at Léché Desserts are anything but ordinary and you need to try them yourself to... See More

How Neon Lights Are Made

Où se trouve: Atelier Neon Family

Did you know that neon signs are making a comeback? That’s right, with so many years of safe corporate signage to bore us, neon is coming back as an art form for indoor signs. This is no longer your typical pizza or “Open” sign, but images, symbols, statements in all different colours and shapes, popularized... See More