How to Make Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Boards

Où se trouve: Larch Wood Enterprises

This video takes you through the entire manufacturing process, starting from the logs out into the yard, to the finished oiled product. At the end, watch the self healing nature of the end grain cutting boards in action and learn about how to take care and maintain one of these boards. For a typical home... See More

Graffiti Street Mural Art

Où se trouve: Philippe Mastrocola

Montreal is home to many high tech companies and when it comes to the food industry, it makes no exception. Lufa Farms is spearheading the urban agriculture movement by pushing technology to the bleeding edge, producing fresh produce right in the city center of Montreal. In this episode of Où se trouve, we follow Mohamed... See More

How to Make Handmade Candy

Où se trouve: La Confiserie Candylabs

Inconspicuously located in downtown Montreal, we discovered a shop that makes handmade specialty candy on the spot right in front of you! Have you ever wondered how candy is made? When we were there, we made this documentary video showing how to make old fashioned traditional hard candy – the kind your parents and grandparents... See More