Published February 1, 2020

Using a Clever Pottery Technique to Make a Ceramic Fruit Bowl

Où se trouve: Studio Laroche

Step into Studio Laroche, and you will find Catherine, a ceramic artist who designs and makes by hand every piece in her shop. This video shows you the full process of Catherine making a bowl from wheel throwing a bowl, drying, trimming, bisque, glazing, and firing the final pottery piece. Would you be brave enough to use this pottery technique? Every bowl is at great risk to crack and shatter through the drilling process, so it takes patience and skill to create these fruit bowls.

Her handmade pottery is made in small batches in a modern decor styles, so this artisan pottery is not your Grandma’s outdated China cabinet! In a world of mass-produced dishware, handmade pottery adds personality back into your kitchen and home.

Her ceramics are the result of a love for art and passion for the craft. She writes “I design small batch collections of ceramic wares inspired by the beauty, simplicity and tranquility of everyday moments. In doing so, my mission is to nurture a healthy, happy way of life through objects that are equally beautiful, meaningful and useful.”

Rigaud, Quebec has been home to Studio Laroche since the Summer of 2018. The studio is located in the heart of the town, cozily nestled in one of the oldest buildings in the region. With the shoreline of the river in the backyard and the mountain just a short walk away. If you ever find yourself in Montreal or Ottawa area – consider signing up to one of her wheel throwing pottery workshops where you too can create a ceramic pottery piece from scratch.

You can visit Catherine in her studio in Rigaud, Quebec. See her website and social media for hours and special workshops!

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